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Where can I find a list of your clients' open sales opportunities?


Follow us on our LinkedIn company page for updates (click LinkedIn icon at top of page) or you can simply contact us!

Many sales opportunities posted on websites can lead to confusion or false hope, and 'posts' don't tell the entire story of the role (location, competitors, market share, culture, product, quotas, commissions, management, etc.) We encourage all sales and executive leaders to call or email us, and set up a discussion to get to know you.

One of the most important steps in searching for a new career is having an in-depth conversation about your background, goals, preferred industries, results, etc. This allows us to narrow down certain companies and the roles within, rather than ones which don't excite you.

Every call with Gooderham Sales Talent is 100% confidential

Gooderham Talent Boardroom


I have never worked with a recruiter to find a new job. Is there a fee I pay?


No, never.

Here's how it works... You are thinking of changing jobs and decide to start your hunt for the next big thing.

A trusted friend tells you about Gooderham Sales Talent and the great experience they've had with us ;)

We meet, discuss your plans, dreams, achievements and more. We then share an opportunity right in your wheelhouse and we mutually decide to introduce you to the company. After some perfectly executed interviews, you get an offer and accept!

You start your new role and the rest is history (We're thinking 8 consecutive President's Club Trips and 5 promotions, you eventually run the company).

In the background, your new company has paid us a fee for introducing you and helping you land into your new role.

You don't pay a recruiter. In fact, your new company is paying to acquire YOU because you're so awesome.


Why don't recruiters mention the company name in their postings?


Organizations are constantly looking for the best-of-the-best; top performers come at a premium. When companies partner with firms like Gooderham Sales Talent, they trust us to sift through numerous profiles, resumes, personalities, and results.

If every company name was mentioned in posts, there would be an influx of candidates reaching out and submitting their candidacy directly to the company, creating a mountain of resumes and flooded inboxes, many of those likely being unqualified. Sales Leaders need to spend their time selling and leading, and simply cannot afford the time to screen candidates. 

This is where we come in... Gooderham Sales Talent will invest the time getting to know each candidate, asking the proper questions pertaining to specific opportunities, and ultimately find the reasons to make your grand introduction.


Who is the greatest Toronto Blue Jays player of all time?



Loaded question, and one that is very subjective.

How about our Top 3 of all time...

1: Roberto Alomar.

(**This analysis is strictly based on his on-field performance, not any alleged crimes off the field)

Robbie is the only player to ever be inducted into the Hall of Fame as a Blue Jay. Tough to argue he's the greatest franchise player. He was a 12x All-Star, had 2,724 career hits, 4x Silver Slugger, All-Star Game MVP, 10x Gold Gloves (more than any 2nd baseman in the history of the game), 2x World Series Champ with the Jays, and 1992 ALCS MVP to boot. His career batting average as a Blue Jay (.307) is the highest in franchise history.

2: Roy Halladay.

An ace pitcher from the beginning, over his career with the Jays & Phillies, he won 2x Cy Young Awards (Only the 5th pitcher ever to win the award in both leagues), 8x All-Star, 2x Wins leader, pitched a perfect game, and also threw a no-hitter in the Playoffs! Yes, some of these feats were accomplished while playing for Philadelphia, but we're ranking these players based on their careers, the fact that they played for the Blue Jays, and had some meaningful accomplishments while with the Jays.  RIP Doc Halladay

3: Roger Clemens. (Just hear us out on this!)

The Rocket played for the Blue Jays for only two seasons - and was absolutely dominant on a team that was not!

In his two years with Toronto, Clemens won 2x Cy Young Awards and 2x Pitching Triple Crown Awards (leader in Wins, ERA and Strikeouts). Was he "clean"? Uhh...Well, let's just say he was never found guilty. Clemens is one of the other 5 pitchers (along with Halladay) ever to win a Cy Young in both leagues. 

He is a 2x World Series Champ, 7x ERA leader, 7x Cy Young winner, 11x All-Star, 5x Strikeout leader, 4x Wins leader, MVP Award winner, and in 1999 was selected on Major League Baseball's All-Century team.

Gooderham Talent Executive
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