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Sales Recruitment

Unmatched placement experience for both the client and candidate.


We don't promise candidate introductions within the first 2-3 days of a search. And we're proud of that ... (Of course, sometimes it happens)

Would you rather interview 6 quick 'decent' candidates this week, or 2-3 extraordinary winners over the next 7-10 days? Never forget about your ROI in the process! 


As a business leader, your job is to lead teams and drive business, and your business doesn't deserve to sacrifice quality over quantity. Throwing darts at a wall and hoping that something sticks is not our thing.

Ask yourself - 'How much money is my time worth per hour?' Interviewing candidates takes time.

We have countless relationships with award-winning sales people, and it's our job to introduce the right one - not anyone. As perfectionists, we have a very detailed approach to landing the best candidates.


From our benchmark retained and contingent searches, to our fee structures that you've never seen anywhere else, Gooderham clients have the flexibility to combine the best recruiting experience in the business with tailored solutions. 

Tell us what works best for you. 

Gooderham Sales Talent was founded with combined years of recruiting and direct sales & management experience. Our firm understands sales people. We understand sales leaders who seek the better part of the 80/20 rule. Clients are also our partners and given the choice, flexibility, and the best client experience they never knew existed. 


Standard assignments include:


Retained search:

A retained search is the most effective recruitment process in the business. When your organization is retained with Gooderham, you are an exclusive partner. Retainers typically have specific timelines attached to each assignment, thus considered top priority. This process often shows the highest ROI.

Contingent search:

Some organizations prefer this model. With contingency, the client is a valued partner of Gooderham, and may also choose to work with an additional firm. There are certain pros & cons when working on a contingent model; Gooderham will help you determine a solution that best suits your organization. 

Whether you choose to partner with us in a retained scenario, contingency, or a tailored solution, your experience provided will be unparalleled. Our goal is to deliver a premium experience to both the company and the candidate while we promote your brand.

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